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Adoption Policy

Thank you for considering becoming a hero to a rescue by adopting a rescued boxer. The following requirements must be met before an adoption can take place:

1. We require all homes with children 8 years and younger to have a fence or have experience with dogs in the home already.

Please Note: This is a decision based on years of experience and we do not wish to offend anyone. Boxers are typically high energy, strong minded dogs that require a lot of exercise and socialization. From a practical stand point we believe it is difficult for a parent to walk a dog (in the absence of a fence yard) while having very young children who cannot be left alone while they are doing so, and even harder to bring the kids along. Many boxers that are surrendered to rescue are surrendered by homes that have very young children, no fence and because of the lack of ability to exercise, the dog has become too much to handle or destructive.

2. All pets that you currently have must be fully vetted.  This includes that they be spayed/neutered, up to date on vaccinations, and on monthly heartworm preventative.  We will contact your vet for verification.

3. We do not adopt to homes with unneutered / unspayed animals unless there is an age or medical reason as to why it has not been done.

4. We do not adopt out dogs as gifts or surprises. Absolutely no exceptions.

5. If you rent your home, you will be required to provide your landlord’s name, address, and phone number. OBBR requires landlord approval for all renters.

6.  If you are unable to keep your adoptive dog, you will be required by contract to return the dog to us.

7. Our adoption fee is required. Adoption fee ranges from $275 – $325 per dog depending on age.  Please understand that this money is needed to support the rescue for veterinary and boarding costs for all dogs, many of which easily surpass the adoption fee of $325.

8. You MUST be 21 years of age to adopt a dog.

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