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Congratulations Ni

We are so excited for our little Ni. She is such a sweet little girl that deserves a special family and she got just what she deserved! She has a wonderful fur brother to play with, chase around the yard, and go on walks with. A mom, dad and brother that are around the house to make sure she gets lots of love, nice walks around the neighborhood, and a comfy bed to sleep in! Congratulations to all!

New Beginnings...

We found our Furever Homes!

Thank you to all the OBBR Angels, Donors, Supporters, and Adopters who helped us get our wiggle back!

Congratulations Liam

Handsome Liam just had one of those faces. Those adorable boxer faces! He was not with OBBR long before his forever family found him. The hours of driving to get him were nothing when Liam's dad saw his picture. He hopped in his car as soon as he got the application to adopt approval and headed to get his boy! Now the two are finding adventures together! We are so happy for you!

Congratulations Brutus

Brutus is in the house! Our sweet little boy took a while to get healthy for adoption. Adventure (or should we say mis-adventures) seemed to find him! But his family waited for him and now Brutus lives the sweet life with a family that rarely has to leave him. He has no competition for all the attention his heart desires! We are so happy for you all! 

Congratulations Terra

Oh our beautiful little girls are growing up and moving to their forever homes. We will miss them but we are so thankful for the wonderful families that are blessing our little girls. Terra now known as Coral, had a home full of paws, little feet, and big feet to chase, and play, and love. She loving being a little sister to the other dogs in the house, all the attention she gets from the little toes in her house, and the love and silliness of her entire family. Congratulations beautiful girl and your entire family - Welcome to ours!


Congratulations Sky

Sky is now known as Luna and is enjoying her new adventures in the home of a long time foster. We have known her family for years and are so grateful she is going to home where we can watch her grow up and flourish! Luna loves her big sister, her big brother and all the adventures her family takes her on! Thank you for rescuing and staying with us through the years! Congratulations to all!


Congratulations Rhett

The most loveable of fosters found his forever home! Our Rhett (now Lucas) has found his forever home with his own little girl to help raise. Lucas is very concerned about where his little girl is and wanders through the house whining until he finds her. When she was sick, he was by her side constantly. His momma dotes on him and spoils him rotten just as it should be! Congratulations handsome man!


Congratulations Scarlett

Scarlett has found a wonderful forever family! Scarlett has joined a family of rescuer's that are excited to save another life and she is loving all of the attention! She has started a war over whom is her favorite it the home ;) Her dad teaches at the UGA Veterinary School so we know she will always have the best of care but more importantly she is deeply loved. Her family has waited patiently for her to raise her babies and then be treated for her heartworm condition and overjoyed she is finally home! Congratulations Scarlett (now Lettie) you have chosen well!

Congratulations Kiyoshi

Congratulations to Kiyoshi! She going to be a happy girl with her forever family. Kiyoshi's foster family will miss but we are looking forward to tails and tales of adventure with her family! 💕💕

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