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Age:  8 years

Sex: Male
Weight: 65 Lb
Ears/Tail: Natural/Docked
HW Test: In Treatment
Available: Oct

Brody has an adoption pending.



Age:  15 years

Sex: Female
Weight:54 Lb
Ears/Tail: Natural/Natural
HW Test: Negative
Available: Sept

A foster was driving home from work Monday and saw a dog on the side of the road. She pulled over, worried it got hit by a car. Luckily she wasn't. She's not one to leave a dog on the side of any road, so she bundled her up and took her home with her.

She was skinny enough you could easily see her ribs, was HORRIBLY covered with fleas and had mange. She seems to have some arthritis, has little left of her teeth, and is covered in skin tags. She went back to where she found her and started knocking on doors. Until she found the owners.

They relinquished her into the rescue's care..Now that Missy is free or fleas, has a soft bed to sleep in, meds to help with her joint pains she is a happy old gal. She gets so excited to go out and play fetch with the resident dogs that she hops around and makes sure her family knows she wants to play too.   After a life of living on her own terms, she struggles with house training. She is crate trained tho and she will advise you when she has to go out but if you are not quick enough, she will do her business where she can get to.  She gets along great with the 2 resident dog and loves her humans. She would love to live a retired life with someone as a constant companion.



Age:  6-7 years

Sex: Male
Weight: 65 Lbs
Ears/Tail: Natural/Docked
HW Test: Negative
Available: Sept

His foster is getting to know him and says he is very sweet. He has reacted well to all the animals that approach his crate. He will be meeting the other dogs face to face soon. More to come as we get to know him

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